Toilet and Teeth – Yucatan – Day 1

Toilet and Teeth

Day 1 of 9 days on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

What an amazing time I spent learning about the culture of the Yucatán and its people. I wanted to share these posts with you so you have a way to get to know me a little better. I love children and am always looking for ways to encourage and lift them up. But I do have another side to me. I love to travel and I see no reason why I cannot enjoy learning about a new place while focusing on the children of this world. Come along for a nine-day adventure with me.

We arrive in Cancún late afternoon and leave immediately in search of a non-resort adventure. I, along with two friends, enjoy a wonderful dinner in town and spend the night at Hacienda Cobá.hacienda-coba-2 The picture to the right represents one of four buildings, each with various size bedrooms. The accommodations are simple yet enchanting. The hardest thing for me to remember is NOT to drink the local water. Hence, we buy a case of bottled water that stays in the car so it is always handy. The daytime temperatures remain in the 90’s, so buying water will surely be a regular occurrence.

Toilet & Teeth

Hot and tired, we brush our teeth (using only bottled water) and prepare for bed. Another very important thing I need to remember when visiting this part of the world: I cannot flush toilet tissue down the toilet. Supposedly the country’s sewer system cannot handle it. I don’t know why. Wait for it… Where does the tissue go? Where else silly, in the waste basket beside the toilet. I pay very close attention to this new custom. It is so automatic to drop paper in the bowl. Going to the bathroom is going to be a chore… no paper in the toilet. Don’t brush your teeth with the water from any faucet. Keep your mouth closed when taking a shower because that is the same source of water that flows from the sinks.


Let me tell you that I am humbled and appreciative of the “luxuries” we enjoy here in the US. Nonetheless, the bed is comfortable and the air-conditioning makes all the difference in the way I will sleep tonight. What new and exciting things will tomorrow bring? I am only hours away from my answer.

Shine Your Light — Annie M

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