Winds of Zaria


Within seconds they were gone from sight and the mist instantly filled the void they left behind.  I set up camp and quietly sat remembering the words used by Clar to describe her time spent in Zaria in hopes it would provide some insight into gaining access to this mystical land of faeries.

Clar said that Caspia spoke a single word before touching the Senarefae. Suddenly they found themselves surrounded by a thick mist. Caspia told Clar to thank the mists for allowing them passage. The mists parted and a white horse led them to… oh what did she call those orbs… wil… wil… wil-o-wisps, yes wil-o-wisps. Once I recalled Clar’s words I began speaking to myself, I suppose, since there was no one else there except me and my companion fog. “Are all Senarafaes capable of transporting people to Zaria? Will searching for the answer make a difference considering I am already in Zaria? What word did Caspia say?”

I wondered if the strange-looking horse on the amulet Jenani gave to Fiera was the same type of white horse that Clar remembered as a child. Again, questions with no answers.

The growling of my stomach quickly grabbed my attention away from Clar’s story. It was the strangest thing. As I reached over to grab my pack I noticed that the mist remained at arm’s length to me. This fog was the only thing my eyes were privy to other than the small circle around me that was clear of any obstruction. As I walked, the circle followed. Why had I not noticed this before? There is more to this mist, I thought. After satisfying my hunger, I turned to meditation. That helped me to retain my sanity--there was nothing for me to occupy my time while I waited for the others. Although this untouchable captor prevented me from seeing anything, I could tell the night was forcing its way into the heavens.

As the day lost its light, the mist took on a most beautiful shimmer. Flashes of light appeared randomly throughout this glistening fog. It was mesmerizing. Then my ears detected a noise above me. The whoosh of Rayn’s wings had a peculiar tone from the ground. Within seconds and without sound, the mist gave way to him as he descended. His talons held a large box-like container. As he gently placed the container on the ground I noticed its passenger. Epinette was quietly waiting for me to let her out of her flying stall. I ran toward the opening in the box. Without thinking I wrapped my arms around her neck and held her close. It had been weeks since I left her with the Sentinels back at their post.

Rayn landed gently beside the stall and Arial and Garam slid down the dragon’s neck. As long as each of us stayed within arm’s length of each other, the mist encircled us as a group rather than individually. Fiera and Rayn rested until we believed the first moon was high in the sky. Then they departed for Edana once again.

Garam was giddy and whistled to every flash of light he saw. “What is he doing, Arial?” I asked the Blossom clanswoman.

“He is speaking to the lights, asking them to play with him.”

“Are the lights answering him?” I questioned as my eyes darted to and from the many flashes of light above and around me.

“I do not believe so. Why do you ask, Carena?”

“There is something about this mist that eludes me.”

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