Jackie of All Trades

Greywinds’ Magical Illustrator

Fire, Earth, Water, and Air sitting together on a cloud
Fire, Earth, Water, and Air entertaining each other
hand painted lamps by Jackie Pinette
The Painted Lady Lamps

Having a phenomenal illustrator for The Legend of Greywinds fantasy books was nothing short of a miracle. A world of unusual creatures, mysterious environments, and complex characters could have detered many candidates. It was my good fortune to find Jackie Dyer Pinette. Working long distance for everything, Jackie took my descriptions of characteristics and scenes and how I viewed them in my head. She worked her magic and what emerged was a visual manifestation that often went far beyond my expectations.

This talented woman told me that she had never drawn faces. Well, for me, that was a tempting enough challenge to give it a try. I had witnessed this artist’s creativity in these wonderful lamps that she is known for. And her hand-painted Christmas ornaments are stunning. There was no doubt in my mind that together we would breathe life into my characters. And we never looked back. That was over six years ago.

Jackie created all the coloring book (Art Book & Art Kit) pages and every illustration in each of the five books in the series. Overall, she created over 100 illustrations for me. I am very blessed to have this woman and her talents as part of my life adventure.

 From Jackie

Jackie painting lamps
Jackie painting lamps

This is what Jackie wrote to me:
“I am a Jackie of all trades master of none! My experience w illustrating the Greywinds Series was cathartic and inspiring, reminding me how I feel and grow when I let myself believe and trust my creative instincts! My work for you seemed to naturally evolve into painting my lamps. I was able to feel what you needed or wanted to convey and the connection with you and the story was somewhat magical! My lamps are my contribution to the world, as is your story! They bring comfort, love and inspiration to the giver, the receiver, and the believer! I am very proud to be part of this beautiful story! Thank you!”

So Creative in So Many Ways

Lots of hand-painted lamps and mugs by The Painted Lady Jacqueline Pinette
Lots of hand-painted lamps and mugs by The Painted Lady Jacqueline Pinette.

Thank you, Jackie for agreeing to take on this project even though neither of us knew that the scope would grow to this size. You will always have a special place in my heart and will live as the character Jaqua in the series.

If you’d like to see what other talents Jackie has, please visit her here on Facebook at “ThepaintedladyJacqueline Pinette” where more of her creativity can be seen.

Annie Morecambe

Annie Morecambe

Shine Your Light —¬†Annie M

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