Discussion Questions

Here you will find questions to help stimulate conversations within your book club. Feel free to download the pdf file for the appropriate book.

Isle of Tana

Land of Meena

Fires of Edana (coming soon)

Winds of Zaria (coming soon)

Storms of Assiral (coming soon)

Step It Up

Here are a dozenĀ Fun Facts about Annie's Books. Use them to enhance your knowledge of the author or as icebreakers when your group meets. All 52 Fun Facts are available at www.greywinds.com.

A Dozen Greywinds Fun Facts


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Coming Soon

Look here for ways to add a special twist to your book club gathering, compliments of Annie, Keira, and The Legend of Greywinds Cookbook.

Sparkling Waterfall Tea

The Blaze BLT Bites

Rayn's Hot Chocolate Wine (Adults)

Celebration Tart

Repi's Delightful Dip



Interested in having Annie join your Book Club?

Annie looks forward to spending time with those interested in reading and learning more about the personal journeys her books provide. If your club would like to have Annie participate, please contact Lake 'n Moor Ltd., her publishing company at 919-815-9769 or info@lakenmoor.com to set up a time.

Coming Soon...

Stay tuned for future book club opportunities.


All Things Greywinds...

Annie has developed lots of great products in her quest to guide young people. www.greywinds.com is where you will find tools to help youngsters, from coloring art to tattoos, to audio books, to jewelry and so much more. Help a young one shine their light.