The Birth of a Character–Arial

The Birth of Arial

Arial, with fishing net in hand, lifting fish from Tana Bay.
Arial fishing down by the pier in Tana Bay.

Lexa came to life because I wanted to incorporate the metaphysical world that intrigues me within the series. My definition of metaphysical is phenomena that are outside the average everyday life. Well, this 15-year-old’s daily life has spiritual and mystical written all over it.

She is calm and soft-spoken as you might guess, and is in touch with her inner self. Meditation is part of her life as it is with the others in her clan. Lexa may appear to be a simple character but that would be far from the truth. Her gifts and talents add a special touch to The Legend of Greywinds that only a personality such as this one can provide.


I found the name Celie on the list that Keira had created for me. After looking it up in an urban dictionary, it described Lexa perfectly. So this became the name of her clan. In addition to the supernatural component, I wanted something less ethereal for the Celie too. They became a group that needed to be covered up during the daylight hours. Lexa’s hamlet is unlike any other in that music fills the air at all times. Celie spread peace, love, and hope through example and music. Where on Tana would this clan live? What would their homes look like? What would they look like? How would they dress? Who would lead this fourth clan? When would Lexa be introduced to this adventure? How would I take her metaphysical side and expand on it? I actually took it somewhere that I had not imagined when I first began developing her character.


Telepathy and the Celie’s ability to enter dreams made the title of Whisperer the logical choice for this clan’s badge. The Celie are so different from their neighbors that at times Lexa feels she does not fit in with the others. Her clan wants harmony for all of Yerg’s creatures. This teen is ready to go out and explore the world outside her hamlet. Due to a sensitivity, this Whisperer’s lifestyle brings a realization to the others on their quest.


Assigning an element to this clan was easy. Water ties in to the Celie habitat; it has borders created by the River of Light and the Celie Channel. Water is plentiful throughout the hamlet. It plays a greater part than I am able to divulge here.  This element also provides protection for their sensitivity.

There is so much to learn about Lexa, her clan, and her gifts. She is a loving young woman. Perhaps you will take the time to read and see for yourself the beauty that I see in this remarkable teenager.

Annie Morecambe
Annie Morecambe



Shine Your Light — Annie M

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