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A Little History

Welcome to my world where fantasy and reality coexist. The Legend of Greywinds is a series of books that begins by taking two young women on a journey of discovery. Each of our own lives is a journey, often filled with adventure, sadness, loss, love, struggle and boredom occurring more than once in our span of existence. That is the reality that we call life. The Legend of Greywinds takes this human reality and thrusts it into a world of fantasy.

As a way of thanking various family members and friends for being a part of my life, I used variations of their names in creating people, places and things throughout the entire series. It was great fun and now they travel with me and the other characters throughout this saga.

I began writing Isle of Tana, the first book in the series, in May of 2009. Land of Meena and Fires of Edana flowed from my mind quickly thereafter. By June of 2014, Winds of Zaria was born. The culmination of six years of writing ended with Storms of Assiral, the last book in the series. Enjoy the snippets of each of the five books on this site.

Thank you for visiting me here at Take this opportunity to visit Here you will find my Greywinds blog, video and audio clips, and all sorts of fun items for the entire family. And of course, this is where you will meet the five extraordinary young women from the series who will always have a special place in my heart. I hope that you take the time to travel with us through the Isle of Tana and beyond.

Whatever you choose to do… May the grey winds guide you and keep you safe.

— Annie M

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